>> Panel: Future Applications and Solutions

While the technical solutions developed by Computer Vision and Database researchers are often elegant and well designed, it is not clear that they are always able to solve the actual problems that users of image and multimedia databases are facing. Users range from professional users to leisurely users, although with the improvements in digital cameras, even leisurely users may quickly accumulate tens of thousands of images. Overall, these users are likely to vary significantly in what they are trying to achieve, what data they manipulate, how much data they deal with, which tools they use, and so on. Many works in Computer Vision and Databases, however, deal only with a single application, frequently even working with artificially generated data. On the other hand, the users may not be aware of the great technical solutions, which might well solve some of their problems, if appropriately applied.

The goal of this panel is therefore to be a forum for exchanging ideas on the applications of image and video data. The panel will include professional users that deal everyday with huge volumes of data, but are using that data in very different ways. These people can clearly describe what kind of tools they would need to facilitate the management of their large volumes of multimedia data. The panel will also include Computer Vision and Database researchers that typically address technical issues such as enhancing image recognition or designing faster systems.

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> Moderator: M. Tamer Özsu, University of Waterloo

Dr. M. Tamer Özsu is Professor of Computer Science and University Research Professor at the University of Waterloo where he leads research groups in distributed data and object management, multimedia data management and structured document management. Prior to his current position, he was with the Department of Computing Science of the University of Alberta between 1984 and 2000.

Dr. Özsu's multimedia research has focused on image data