>> Paper Session II: Applications

A Multimedia Data Base Browsing System
  Massimiliano Albanese, Carmine Cesarano, Antonio Picariello

The PIBE Personalizable Image Browsing Engine
  Ilaria Bartolini, Paolo Ciaccia, Marco Patella

A Comparison of Active Classification Methods for Content-Based Image Retrieval
  Philippe H. Gosselin, Matthieu Cord

Managing Video Collections at Large
  Nicolas Moenne-Loccoz, Bruno Janvier, Stéphane Marchand-Maillet, Éric Bruno

> Session Chair: Patrick Gros, IRISA-CNRS, France

Patrick GROS received his PhD degree from University of Grenoble (Grenoble, France) in 1993. After six years in the GRAVIR lab in Grenoble and one year at the Robotics Institute of CMU (Pittsburgh, PA, USA), he moved in 1999 to the IRISA lab of Rennes (France) where he worked in the VISTA research group. In 2002, he founded the new TEXMEX group dedicated to multimedia indexing and retrieval. His research interests concern image description, matching, indexing and retrieval, and the description of documents composed of several media. He is involved in many projects concerning image and video archiving and object recognition.